Here’s a bit more about what I do.

Proofreading and editing

I’ve always had an eye for detail; errors leap off the page at me. I was the go-to grammar geek in my previous job; even when I went freelance for seven years, they still employed me at every opportunity to give their publications a final check prior to print. 

I can annotate PDFs, add tracked changes to Word documents, or mark up page proofs with a good old-fashioned red pen. Once you trust me, I’m confident enough with InDesign and pretty much any CMS to be able to implement those changes quickly and accurately.


I’ve written countless articles for a multitude of clients across a vast range of industry sectors. From social media posts to white papers and everything in between, I can quickly and accurately craft engaging content that adheres to a client’s tone of voice and brand guidelines.

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Content strategy

If you – or your clients – aren’t quite sure of who your audience is, what your message is, or how best to communicate that message, I can help. I specialise in creating tone-of-voice guidance and style sheets. If you’re looking to tweak your content strategy, or even create one from scratch, I can work with you. 

Multilingual content

I’ve managed huge global communications projects for blue-chip clients, involving management of up to 12 different languages simultaneously. Although I’m not a polyglot, I can speak conversational French and Spanish, and I intuitively understand the formation of languages. It’s not uncommon for me to spot typos and errors in languages I can’t speak; it’s essentially pattern recognition. If it’s in the Roman alphabet, I can work with it – and I’ve also worked with Greek and Russian in the past.

I’m used to working with translation agencies, and can offer advice and guidance about any aspect of multilingual content creation if your clients are looking to reach new markets – or, indeed, if you’re already creating multilingual content but would like feedback about your processes. I’m also a whiz at typesetting foreign-language content; I know where to hyphenate words, how to avoid widows and orphans, and even how to ensure consistency with punctuation marks.