#5000colo Day 110: Feeling Flat

Distance travelled: 18.62 miles
Cumulative distance: 1526.88 miles
Distance remaining: 3473.12 miles
Percentage complete: 30.54
Villages visited: Thornage, Letheringsett, Glandford, Saxlingham, Field Dalling, Langham, Cockthorpe, Binham, Bale, Sharrington.

After nearly two weeks off the bike, I decided to give myself a gentle reintroduction today. There were a few villages just west of Holt that I needed to visit, so I headed for Thornage to complete a gentle circuit of just under 20 miles.

There was nothing challenging about the route on paper; some gentle undulations and a couple of moderate climbs, with light winds and no rain apart from a few spots of drizzle at one point. There was surprisingly little standing water considering the amount of rain we’ve had in the past couple of days, and aside from a few muddy stretches the roads were generally in good nick.

As I was getting towards the end of the ride, it felt about right; I was a bit tired considering how long I’d been off the bike for, so I was glad that I kept it a bit shorter. However, a mile from the end I felt the all-too-familiar ‘thud thud thud’ of a rear puncture, which meant a 20-minute walk back to the car while pushing the bike.

The weather was benign so it wasn’t too bad, and at least the puncture didn’t occur a mile from the start or, even worse, halfway round and miles from the car! I’m going to get the puncture fixed on Thursday, so I might venture out on Thursday afternoon, otherwise I’ll see you again in 2021 for the remaining 3,473 miles…

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