#5000colo Day 64: Ever Onwards…

Distance travelled: 30.88 miles
Cumulative distance: 1173.74 miles
Distance remaining: 3826.26 miles
Percentage complete: 23.47
Villages visited: Howe, Brooke, Seething, Mundham, Sisland, Loddon, Chedgrave, Hardley, Langley Street, Langley, Heckingham, Norton Subcourse, Thurlton, Raveningham, Hales.

I’m finding it quite tough at the moment. I’ve only been out on alternate days this week, which really isn’t conducive to getting this thing finished by May. Obviously if I don’t finish by May, it’s no biggie; I’ll get there when I get there.

But the donations have dried up, the days are all merging into one, and lockdown means I can’t stop anywhere or see anyone on my rides. I’m sure if I keep plugging away something will happen eventually; I’m hoping to do some content with Woodforde’s soon, which is quite exciting. Can’t wait until the pubs are open again, so I can plan rides to take in a pint at the finish!

I gave it everything today, and did 30+ miles at almost 16mph, which is pretty good. I just need to keep stitching the days together back-to-back, rather than taking days off for no reason other than not being able to motivate myself. I need to keep reminding myself that my bike and my freedom are wonderful gifts, and I should be thankful that my body allows me to undertake this challenge.

There wasn’t anything especially notable on today’s ride, except an idiotic woman in a 4×4 who ran me off the road in Loddon; she was so close to me I had to take evasive action, but I slapped her wing mirror with my hand as I went past to perhaps give her the impression that she might have actually hit me. She just carried on, oblivious.

I really must get myself a helmet-mounted camera, as on today’s evidence it’s only a matter of time before someone knocks me off. Still, every mile counts, and that’s another 0.6% of my total distance ticked off today!

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  1. Such a shame Colo, I was out on the bike with an old friend yesterday and visited some of the places on your list.

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