#5000colo Day 62: We Will Remember Them

Distance travelled: 23.95 miles
Cumulative distance: 1142.86 miles
Distance remaining: 3857.14 miles
Percentage complete: 22.86
Villages visited: Spixworth, Frettenham, Brampton, Burgh-next-Aylsham, Buxton, Lamas, Little Hautbois, Great Hautbois, Coltishall, Horstead.

A poignant ride today, as I reflected on the millions who lost their lives protecting our freedom in the two World Wars. I paused for a moment of quiet contemplation at the war memorial in Coltishall, thinking about the size of my cycling campaign and how incredibly small and insignificant it is in comparison to what those brave men must have gone through over several years of war.

Whenever my shoulder muscles flared up, or the saddle sores gave me a sharp reminder of their existence, I put my pain in perspective and kept riding, thinking about my grandfathers and great-grandfathers who served during conflict.

On a lighter note, while cycling through Great Hautbois I saw the first house with its Christmas decorations up! I’m usually adamant that nothing goes up until December (although we did have the tree up on November 30th last year). But this year has been such a drag, I’ve been considering getting the decorations up early… how soon is too soon?

Finally, another pronunciation question – how does one pronounce Hautbois? Komoot’s friendly sat nav is going with ‘Hobbiss’, and she’s been right before…

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  1. Best of luck with the rest of your ride – good to chat to you today. Don’t forget to take photos from a safe place!!!

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