#5000colo Day 60: Waterproof Socks!

Distance travelled: 19.76 miles
Cumulative distance: 1118.91 miles
Distance remaining: 3881.09 miles
Percentage complete: 22.38
Villages visited: Felbrigg, Northrepps, Overstrand, Sidestrand, Trimingham, Mundesley, Paston, Bacton, Broomholm, Keswick, Walcott, Happisburgh, Eccles-on-Sea.

Well that was quite the adventure! A nice and easy 20-miler, with some delightful coastal riding, some challenging climbs and fab frewheel downhill sections to enjoy too.

I started in the grounds of Felbrigg Hall and rode through the beautiful rolling pastures in the grounds, with sheep wandering in the road and the curious experience of cycling over a cattle grid… didn’t trust it, but it was fine.

Then it was through Northrepps to Overstrand, and then coastal capers all the way. It was a long old climb up through Sidestrand to the spherical radar station at the top of the hill in Trimingham.

Mundesley is pretty, and Walcott too, but I’d ridden through those villages before. Then it was through Happisburgh to my final destination, Eccles-on-Sea. Katie was still a few miles away in the support vehicle, so I decided to carry the bike onto the beach for some photos.

This also gave me the opportunity to try out my Sealskinz waterproof socks. I’d bought some ankle-length ones already, but the awesome guys at Sealskinz kindly donated me a pair of knee-length cold weather socks for the winter – result!

As you can see, I went for a paddle in the sea in them, I wore them all the way home, and my feet remained dry and toasty warm! I’m not sure what kind of sorcery makes this possible, but they are truly, genuinely 100% waterproof. Quite remarkable.

Katie and I had a bit of difficulty locating each other in the gathering gloom around the potholed network of back lanes that constitutes Eccles-on-Sea, but we managed to get out eventually.

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