#5000colo Day 49: Textbook Troshin’!

Distance travelled: 29.58 miles
Cumulative distance: 903.79 miles
Distance remaining: 4096.21 miles
Percentage complete: 18.08
Villages visited: Felmingham, Banningham, Blickling, Oulton Street, Oulton, Itteringham, Little Barningham, Wolterton, Wickmere, Calthorpe, Erpingham, Colby, Suffield, North Walsham.

That was awesome. Thirty miles in the rain, in less than two hours! Again, I’ve been naughty and forgotten to take any pictures on my travels, so you’ll just have to visualise the state of my bike when I got back to the church at Felmingham, where I’d left the car.

Despite some rickety old roads, I managed to keep comfortably above 15mph today, which was really encouraging… was really concentrating on my breathing, and taking big, deep gulps of air after each climb or period of exertion.

I went past Blickling Hall today, so I guess I can reuse the photo I took when I went past in August… very different weather conditions on that day, though!

My sat nav also directed me through the grounds of Wolterton Hall; there were signs saying ‘private road’, but I’m pretty comfortable that my reason for riding on it would probably grant me some clemency if I were to be face to face with a disgruntled landowner.

On the subject of navigation, I really must recommend Komoot: it has revolutionised my riding experience. No more faffing around trying to read a static map, or trying my best to triangulate on the rather sparse Strava mapping system; Komoot does it all for me. The app is great, and the desktop version is super-intuitive for planning my routes.

It also tells me all my ride statistics, wind speed and direction, current and average speed… plus a very attentive AI navigator. I haven’t missed a single turn since I started using it! I can also put all my completed rides into a ‘collection’, and add highlights both to my own tours, and to the map that’s shared by all users. I really think it’s going to take off in a big way, and it’d be lovely to have some of my friends on there too!

There’s a one-off fee of £7.99 to unlock the whole of Norfolk if you want the navigation tool too, although the free version is still really handy.

The only down side of today’s ride was my new ‘waterproof’ Sealskinz socks, which I had to pour water out of at the end of the ride. I emailed their support team, and they replied within an hour to give me some advice on how best to wear them, so hopefully I’ll have more luck with them next time.

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