#5000colo Day 46: Toughing it Out

Distance travelled: 25.26 miles
Cumulative distance: 845.24 miles
Distance remaining: 4154.76 miles
Percentage complete: 16.90
Villages visited: Trowse, Kirby Bedon, Bramerton, Surlingham, Hellington, Alpington, Yelverton, Framingham Earl, Arminghall.

A hastily arranged local jaunt today, to fill in some of the little gaps on the map. I’ve been through most of these villages before, but I’ve added Surlingham, Hellington, Yelverton and Arminghall to the list.

It was really hard going today for some reason; I felt like I was slower and more unfit, although I’m not sure if that was in my head or whether I just had an ‘off day’. I still managed 14.7mph, though, which is decent going, especially considering I rode through the city twice (lots of stopping and starting), and there were several hills on the route.

The first climb up through Trowse wasn’t too bad, and I had good pace up until Surlingham. The drift down into Surlingham was glorious, and the climb up Walnut Hill on the other side was short but sharp. A couple of miles later was the aptly named, and more challenging, Hellington Hill.

After that, it was really tough. I could see the average speed for the ride dipping ever lower, and the long, slow incline into Framingham Earl really sapped both my strength and my will. Then there was a sharp rain shower, which cheered me up a bit.

By the time I got back into Norwich I was feeling a bit brighter, and I powered up Long John Hill with a bit of encouragement from a couple of young lads who shouted nice things at me.

A good challenge, all in all, and a reminder that I’m not going to smash it every day; some days, just showing up is enough.

I’ve also switched my medication again; the Sertraline just wasn’t working out for me, so after consulting with my GP I’ve agreed to give Fluoxetine another go. I used it years ago and it worked okay, if memory serves; I just need something to stabilise that anxiety and I can deal with the rest.

Had a nice little drive around this afternoon to collect some bits I’d bought off Gumtree: I got a Gatorskin for £10 (will get this put on the front wheel), a decent helmet for £10 and some spare overshoes for a fiver. A good haul, all in all.

Tomorrow, I am going to take some bloody photos! I swear I will! My Instagram has been neglected a bit of late, and I’m desperately short of ideas on how to grow my reach/following. Watch this space…

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