#5000colo Day 44: Braving the Borderlands

Distance travelled: 32.00 miles
Cumulative distance: 800.40 miles
Distance remaining: 4199.60 miles
Percentage complete: 16.02
Villages visited: Hopton, Fritton, St Olaves, Haddiscoe, Burgh St Peter, Wheatacre, Aldeby, Toft Monks, Belton, Burgh Castle, Bradwell, Gorleston-on-Sea.

A rather meandering route today, polishing off all the remaining Norfolk villages around Yarmouth (I hope!). We came to see my parents-in-law, who live in Hopton but are moving to Norwich imminently, so it made sense to get these villages done while we could tie it in with a visit.

It was mostly headwinds on the outward journey, but strangely I didn’t seem to benefit too much from the tailwinds on the way back; probably just my perception, unless the wind changed somewhere en route.

I came very close to crossing the border into Suffolk a couple of times, but managed to stay on the northern side, I think.

There were some excellent undulating sections, and some great winding bits too; I certainly felt the benefit of the tailwinds heading back along the bends on the A143 from Haddiscoe towards St Olaves, but opted to get off the main road and take a more sheltered route at St Olaves.

After a little detour through Belton, Burgh Castle and Bradwell I was around the 15mph mark, so resolved to try to keep above that pace for the remainder. However, Gorleston was not kind to me; traffic lights, headwinds, bumpy cycle paths and accumulated fatigue put paid to that.

Still, it was a good challenge, and I’m getting fitter with every ride. The saddle sores are back, though, which is an unwelcome development. The awesome Tim at Bicycle Links mentioned that there’s yet another spare saddle I could try out if this one continues to cause problems; we’ll get there in the end.

Tomorrow I’m off to Wymondham for a gentle 20-miler with my brother-in-law.

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