#5000colo Day 34: A Need For Cheese

Distance travelled: 23.65 miles
Cumulative distance: 658.17 miles
Distance remaining: 4341.83 miles
Percentage complete: 13.16
Villages visited: Spixworth, Frettenham, Buxton, Aylsham, Marsham, Brampton, Oxnead.

Popped up to Aylsham to meet @charlies_norfolk_food_heroes on the opening day of his new venture, Hodson & Co Cheese Room with Delicatessen.

We didn’t actually get much time to chat, as business was booming – but Charlie made me a cuppa and I managed to buy some cheese to take home in the pockets of my jersey.

Sadly for me (but happily for Charlie!), all of his legendary sausage rolls had sold out before I got there; next time I’ll have to reserve one! 🙂

Charlie’s positivity and spirit, even in the face of his recent bowel cancer diagnosis, is incredible. I’m sure the business will be a great success, especially as more people are doing their bit to buy local in these troubled times.

I also spotted the Moongazer Ale ‘Time To Talk’ beer, specially brewed for World Mental Health Day, as well as some awesome chutneys from The Tea Lady and cute greeting cards by Izzi Rainey. And, of course, all those amazing cheeses provided by The Cheese Truckle!

On my way back I took a little diversion: I went through Brampton (or ‘Bramtuna’, if you believe the sign in the picture below… does anyone know the etymology of this?) to discover the ‘lost settlement’ of Oxnead. The hall and church are still intact, but not much else remains. Indeed, Oxnead Hall is still used as a stunning wedding and events venue.

There are apparently around 200 lost settlements in Norfolk, so maybe I’ll start rounding those up once I’m done with the inhabited parishes.

I’ve already visited more than 200 villages, so I’m probably about 30% done already in terms of villages visited. Total distance is only at 13%, though, so I should have plenty of time for ‘side quests’, if anyone feels like setting me any more challenges!

Speaking of which, where shall I go tomorrow? Any recommendations?

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