#5000colo Day 33: A Need For Speed

Distance travelled: 14.36 miles
Cumulative distance: 634.52 miles
Distance remaining: 4365.48 miles
Percentage complete: 12.69
Villages visited: Little Plumstead, Salhouse, Spixworth.

TIME TRIAL! Decided to take Nick from The 12th Man’s advice and plot myself a shortish route to do as quickly as possible, in order to try and improve my cardio fitness a bit. I was over 16mph, which is a good start! It’s fair to say I left nothing out there…

I’m feeling a lot more balanced and positive today; really hope these peaks and troughs start to even out before too long. Fingers crossed the new medication starts working its magic soon. I’ve spoken to my GP and we’ve agreed that I should increase the dosage again.

Just a short update tonight, as I’m pretty tired. Tomorrow, though, there will be a trip to a cheese shop. This is very exciting news.

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