#5000colo Day 32: We Need To Talk.

I’m not gonna lie: I’m really struggling. The saddle sores are the worst they’ve ever been; my new medication is causing me all sorts of anxiety; the logistics of planning the ride are starting to stress me out; the social media commitments are becoming more arduous; my lack of reliable ‘day job’ is making it very difficult to build any kind of routine.

I will get through it, of course, and I will complete this challenge, no matter how long it takes me. But for the next few days, I may need to dial it back a bit; I have a fair few bits of paid work to manage, plus I’ve just started a distance learning certificate in Awareness of Mental Health Problems, to which I will need to dedicate a few hours a week.

It would be deliciously ironic if studying Awareness of Mental Health Problems exacerbated my mental health problems, so it’s pretty important that I schedule some time for it without putting too much pressure on myself!

Please don’t worry about me; I’ve been to much darker places than this and come out the other side. This is just a confluence of circumstances, conflicting with the chemical imbalances that a change in medication naturally causes.

If the anxiety gets too bad, I have anti-anxiety medication that I can take ad hoc; this does have the side-effect of making me very drowsy, though, so I try to avoid taking it too much as I like to keep myself busy and alert whenever I can.

I’m still more than happy to receive emails, messages and requests at colofivethousand@gmail.com, so please don’t hesitate to reach out if you’d like to be involved. It might just take a little longer than usual for me to get back to you.

Be kind and compassionate to each other, and, most importantly, to yourself.

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