#5000colo Day 31: Deflategate Part III

Distance travelled: 23.80 miles
Cumulative distance: 620.16 miles
Distance remaining: 4379.84 miles
Percentage complete: 12.40
Villages visited: Erpingham, Calthorpe, Aldborough, Thurgarton, Bessingham, Gresham, East Beckham, West Beckham, Bodham, Aylmerton, Sustead, Metton, Roughton, Hanworth.

So I’m doing this one post hoc. This was yesterday’s (Sunday’s) ride, but I’m writing it on Monday. I went for a ride with Euan, who’s one of my closest and oldest friends. Euan works as a trainee Psychological Wellbeing Practitioner for Norfolk and Waveney Mind.

He used to work in a senior management role within the NHS, commissioning programmes and managing large budgets within mental health. However, he recently decided to change tack and move to a role where he could actually work directly with people experiencing mental health problems.

Euan has experienced a lot of mental health problems himself down the years, and I’ve watched him grow from a very dark place in his life to achieving some incredible things, both academically and career-wise, due to his amazing determination and belief in fighting for what is right.

He’s recently got himself a road bike, and we’re both riding in the Autumn Sportive next Sunday, so we decided to go for a test ride from his home in Erpingham. It was slow and steady; we took it nice and easy and nattered all the way round, although we did encounter a couple of pretty full-on rainstorms.

Then, about three miles from the end, ANOTHER BLOODY PUNCTURE. Whatever it was this time somehow found its way through my Continental Gatorskin rear tyre, which is widely regarded as one of the toughest bits of rubber on the market.

Once again, the puncture repair spray failed to deploy correctly, leaving us no alternative but to call the support vehicle! At least we got the majority of the ride in, anyway.

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  1. Oh dear, the puncture thing is annoying. Your’re doing so well, but it’s a good idea to have a break too. Have you a link to when you were on ITV, or is it the same as the one on Anglia?

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