#5000colo Day 24: Double Deflation Blues

Distance travelled: 11.73 miles
Cumulative distance: 483.69 miles
Distance remaining: 4516.31 miles
Percentage complete: 9.67
Villages visited: Shipdham, Cranworth, Woodrising, Hingham, Coldham Green, Deopham.

It started out well enough. Wet and miserable, sure, but I was trying out a new saddle and a new navigation app (Komoot), both of which seemed to be fine.

Komoot in particular was awesome; you actually get real-time satnav-style spoken instructions, which is a big step forward (especially when your on-the-fly navigation skills are as sketchy as mine).

The saddle seemed pretty unforgiving at first, although I think that’s probably just because it was putting pressure on a slightly different area. I look forward to giving it a more substantial run-out soon!

I was just getting into my stride, when I felt that awful juddering that can only mean one thing. I’d forgotten to get a new puncture repair spray, so I had no way of repairing it and had to call the support vehicle again.

This was especially annoying as I’d specifically planned my route not only to cover a marathon distance in honour of all those ‘virtual London’ folks out on the streets today, but also to take me up to the 500-mile (and consequently 10%) mark.

I managed to seek refuge from the weather in the lobby of the church at Deopham, a village where I’ve had played (and lost) plenty of Sunday League matches down the years.

After getting back in the warm, I had a quick bite to eat and then headed back out into the squall to play in goal for my veterans’ football team. Thankfully nothing broke, although we lost 2-1 after conceding a late winner.

I’m starting to get a bit more proactive on social media with begging companies for riding gear and accessories, but if anyone reading this knows of any companies (or even generous individuals!) who might consider donating me some gear (especially puncture-proof tyres and waterproof overshoes), or maybe helping out with my petrol costs, I’d love to hear from them!

Back to Bicycle Links in the morning to beg for another inner tube, and then hopefully back on the road tomorrow afternoon…

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