#5000colo Day 13: Witness the Wetness

Distance travelled: 30.04 miles
Cumulative distance: 293.50 miles
Distance remaining: 4706.50 miles
Percentage complete: 4.87
Villages visited: Postwick, Brundall, Blofield, Lingwood, Strumpshaw, Buckenham, Hassingham, Moulton St Mary, Halvergate, Wickhampton, Freethorpe, Southwood, Cantley, Limpenhoe, Reedham.

So instead of doing this route in glorious sunshine yesterday, I ended up doing it in a biblical deluge today. It was fine until I got to Thorpe End, and then the heavens opened.

Within a couple of miles I was utterly saturated, so at least I didn’t have to worry about getting progressively wetter as the miles passed! Due to the constant rain and standing water, I had to ride a lot more slowly and cautiously than usual; sediment on the roads was another hazard I had to contend with.

I almost stopped at Lingwood; my foot slipped off the pedal, and the slip caused me to twist my neck and sent a huge shot of pain between my shoulder blades. I managed to ride it out, but then the rain intensified further as I rode up a hill in Strumpshaw and I had to stop for a couple of minutes to shelter.

It was a little easier through Buckenham, Hassingham and Moulton St Mary, but as I reached Halvergate another cloudburst forced me to take shelter in a phone box. My phone had got soaked even through the waterproof skin of my case, which had never happened before, so I sheltered for a few minutes to dry it out and have a quick chat with Katie in the support vehicle.

By the time I reached Freethorpe the rain had stopped, allowing me to cruise the last few miles in relative comfort (all things are relative; I was still saturated). After the emotional difficulties of the last couple of days, it was hugely liberating to get back out on the bike, and completing 30 miles in such arduous conditions felt like a real achievement.

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  1. Great effort Colo. I did a ride from Loddon to
    Buckenham last week, had a walk from the station to the river, through the marshes. Our trip over Reedham Ferry was the catalyst for me to explore “the other side of the river”.

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