#5000colo Day 8: The Heart of the County

Distance travelled: 26.93 miles
Cumulative distance: 210.35 miles
Distance remaining: 4789.65 miles
Percentage complete: 4.21
Villages visited: Beetley, Gressenhall, East Bilney, Brisley, Horningtoft, Whissonsett, Tittleshall, Litcham, Mileham, Bittering, Longham, Dereham, Toftwood, Westfield.

Today was a bit of a family affair; I went to visit my aunt and uncle in Beetley, and then took a scenic route to my parents’ house in Westfield. I’m not sure if I rode past the very central point of Norfolk, but I must have been close to it.

After yesterday’s travails, today was relatively comfortable; no grumpy drivers, only one minor mapreading mishap, and less of an issue with saddle soreness.

I’m taking a rest day tomorrow to allow the soreness to heal a bit, and I was lucky enough to be one of the 1,000 fans drawn in the ballot to go and watch the Norwich match tomorrow!

I’ll be back on the bike on Sunday evening, doing my first-ever night ride. Time to break out the hi-vis jacket…

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