#5000colo Day 3: Ringland Bad, Wramplingham Good

Distance travelled: 23.43 miles
Cumulative distance: 84.03 miles
Distance remaining: 4915.97 miles
Percentage complete: 1.68
Villages visited: Hellesdon, Drayton, Taverham, Ringland, Easton, Marlingford, Colton, Barford, Wramplingham, Great Melton, Hethersett, Wymondham.

Today was pretty tough. Much slower than the last couple of days, although that may be to do with the extended elevation, the increased temperature, or just a bit of cumulative tiredness. The Ringland Hills were particularly taxing; I barely made it to the top in the lowest gear.

I started warming into it as the ride went on, and by the time I hit 20 miles I was ready to keep going! Still, I need to keep half an eye on the saddle sore situation, as I don’t want to overdo it so early in the ride and end up having to take time out.

I found a nice little curiosity in the tiny village of Wramplingham; the village sign is actually planted in the river!

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